5 Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Their SEO

By Jason Atwater

Worried that creating effective SEO for your small business is tough and time consuming? It doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to improve your visibility with the search engines and compete more effectively with the big guys.

1. Keyword Research and Selection

Make sure you are choosing keywords relevant to your business and that are searched by people. Use Google Keyword Planner to determine search volume for your keywords, new keyword ideas, and how competitive it is to rank for each keyword. Be sure to focus on keywords your customers actually use, not necessarily just the phrases used internally in your small business.

2. Create Compelling Content

Original and relevant content is key here. Create content on your blog or site on topics of interest to both your existing customers (to keep them interacting with you) and new customers (to catch their attention in search results). Doing this will improve your domain authority and boost web traffic.

3. Optimize On Page

Do not forget the importance of optimizing on-page experience, particularly keyword placement, meta data (description, titles, header), design, page speed, etc. Make sure you are following current best practices. Remember optimization is really customer service because you are improving the experience your customers are having.

4. Link, Link, Link

Creating interesting and relevant content will lead to more sites linking to your pages. As a small business, you can still compete with the bigger companies by improving the number of backlinks and the quality of those backlinks pointing to your content. This is a strong influence on whether your content makes it on to the first page of search results on Google. Don’t be afraid to ask customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, even friends to link to your site. Build up a network of relationships with bloggers and influencers in your industry and you will see benefit with higher rankings and more site visitors.

5. Measure and Modify

You need to measure whether the SEO tactics you are making are having an impact on your search results. Use analytics (such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytic) to measure and track. Based on your results, make tweaks. Test, measure, repeat is your new mantra!

Small businesses often think that SEO is only for big companies with huge budgets who can hire agencies to run it all for them, but with these tips your small business can win at SEO.

Originally published on the award-winning Desk.com Blog.

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