5 Ways to Be a Strong Leader from Salesforce’s Woman of the Month

By Sarah Boutin

What does it take to be a strong leader?

Just ask Pascaline Albin, Sales Development Director at Salesforce. Since joining our Dublin team in 2013, Albin has moved up the ranks and currently manages a team of 68. Along the way, she’s learned what it means to be an effective leader. “A leader should be fair and honest, take responsibility in case of failure, and give credit back to their team when it is due,” says Albin. “It’s important to challenge your team and bring out the very best out in the people you work with in order to succeed.”

Are you a leader, or looking to add more leadership style to your career? Read on for Albin’s five tips for becoming a great leader.

1. Motivate and develop your team

People development is my main focus. I encourage all my reps and managers to write down their personal development plans, and then I build curriculum with them in order to expand their skill sets. As a leader, make it a point to regularly share recognition, organize fun competitions, and schedule team outings — little actions like these can go a long way. And always believe in your employees, even if they may sometimes doubt themselves. Your positivity will pass on to your people, and will result in a happy and successful team.

2. Become a mentor

I was blessed to have a great mentor early on in my professional life. She helped me understand my true motivation, and empowered me to gain confidence in my abilities while becoming more tolerant. Once you reach a place of leadership, open up your knowledge to others. And don’t be afraid to display your emotions! Some women feel that showing emotion in the workplace is a sign of weakness, but by connecting to how you are feeling and reading emotions in others, you can lead your team and peers toward a more human workplace.

3. Support work/life balance

I see many women struggle between prioritizing work and home, but employees should never feel guilty for leaving work to care for their kids. Managers need to be more flexible, promote remote working, and lead by example when it comes to work arrangements. Although I’m still learning to master work/life balance myself, I do make time for the things I love — like horseback riding, cooking, and meditation — and encourage my employees to do the same.

4. Be confident

Women tend to be too critical of themselves, and sometimes question whether or not they are worthy of a promotion. You should never hesitate to take risks, be more vocal, and put yourself forward for projects that will showcase your talent and build your brand outside of your direct organization. I have been offered the best opportunities in my life based on the work I’ve done outside of my department, and the credibility I have built from these projects is incomparable.

5. Never stop growing

Nothing great has ever happened from staying in your comfort zone. I have learned the most from my failures, and have been offered the best opportunities because I took risks and accepted challenges I thought I was not ready for. Continue to challenge yourself, learn new things, and surround yourself with people who will believe in you, and you will be able to achieve things you did not think possible.

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To hear more from Pascaline Albin, make sure to connect with her on LinkedIn. And stay tuned for more career tips and tools for success from our next Salesforce Woman of the Month, coming your way next month.

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