A Must-Have Checklist for Every Sales Team

By Erin Sherbert, Content Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Once, sales was simple. It was all about the relationship between the salesperson and prospect. But the art of sales has evolved, becoming more complex. Hyperconnected customers are forcing businesses to make a distinct shift in their sales models, building on the traditional sales routines.

Sales leaders are no longer going after prospects alone — there’s a well-oiled machine backing the typical salesperson, transforming selling from a transaction to a nuanced service integrated into the customer journey.

In short, today’s most successful sales models are rooted in team selling. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, we created this brief e-book that will show you how to position your sales reps as a team so you can crush your numbers.

After you read over the e-book, follow this quick checklist to make sure you’re set to sell as a team:

  • Align your direct channel (field sales and inside sales), sales operations, and pre-sales functions on a single CRM system.
  • Create a partner portal to give partners access to customer data and to collaborate across indirect sales channels.
  • Streamline processes to increase inside sales activity.
  • Your sales ops team delivers accurate insights on time.
  • Source great channel partners to scale sales reach .
  • Pre-sales reps are optimizing resources to close bigger deals.

Also, have fun with this interactive team selling guide

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