Are You Smarter Than a Machine? Test Your Artificial Intelligence IQ

By Reedhima Mandlik

Do you keep seeing the words “AI,” “big data,” or “machine learning” pop up and think to yourself, “I know what that means…kinda?” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It might feel like there are new buzzwords for artificial intelligence (AI) every day, and it can be tough to keep up with it all.

Or maybe you think you know it all already.

Whether you’re a novice or a know-it-all, our new interactive quiz — What’s Your AI IQ? — is for you. This 2-minute quiz will test your knowledge on all things AI. As a bonus, you will walk away with a little extra knowledge, including new AI concepts, key developments, and whether The Jetsons lifestyle is in our near future. Here’s a sneak peek at the quiz.

Today’s technology may not be at the level of Rosie from The Jetsons quite yet, but we’re getting there. Machine learning uses data models to classify and analyze information, and raw data and processing power to analyze it to find patterns and learn. These smart machines form a “neural network” that mimics the human brain’s billions of connections and “learns” what things are by sorting through and analyzing more and more (and then more) data. Like, say, a computer program that learns to recognize a cat by processing tens of millions of online pics and videos.

You may have thought it was just a bunch of things on the internet, but you’re wrong. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rich network of billions of digitally connected devices, from your toaster to your baby monitor to your car, that can collect, share, and communicate data with each other. So you can do things like use an app on your phone to remotely unlock your front door for guests when you’re stuck late at work. There’s no GadgetMobile (yet, anyway), but today’s web of interconnected devices brings us one step closer.

Want to find out how much you know (or don’t know)? Take the quiz to earn your bragging rights as an AI expert.

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