Choosing the Right Images: Small Screens Love Big Pictures

By Guy Merrill, Senior Art Director, Getty Images

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Successful social content marketers know that visuals are key in creating eye catching, engaging content. Research shows that images increase engagement with social posts by as much as 94 percent — no surprise considering our brains process visual information thousands of times faster than text.

Meanwhile, customers increasingly engage with this content on mobile.

So how can marketers choose the right visuals for these platforms, keeping the aesthetic relevant to your customer base?

Here are three ways to effectively drive mobile engagement through imagery. We’ve included the search terms you can use in the Getty Images app for Social Studio, powered by the Getty Images API to quickly find on-trend results:

1. First person point of view

Society’s long been interested in stories told from the point of view of the narrator, an immersive technique. Today our smartphones enable us to be our own storytellers, we create photos and video that are raw and unfiltered, and then trend extends to the imagery people are attracted to.

Search “POV”

2. Super Sensory

These are photos that engage our senses of touch, smell and taste. This trend has roots in our multi-screen world, as we become more digital we long for things that feel tangible and real. Images that are up-close and visceral, with emphasis on color, macro detailing, texture and food pull people in. Instead of having customers feel like they are shutting out the world by turning on their screen, these pictures give them a more enhanced experience.

Search “sensory”

3. ‘Wonder’-lust

This imagery creates a sense of adventure and awe, feels experiential and shows the world as a place of magic. Wonderlust photos also engage our love of outer space — a timeless metaphor for curiosity and interconnectedness. On trend, the sky or landscape may take up a large percentage of the picture, visually communicating concepts such journey, possibility and spiritual experience.

Search “wonderlust2015”

Powerful visuals evoke emotions and create deeper engagement with your brands. When you use images that simulate the mobile experience, have a high sensory value and that are immersive and experiential, they will help drive an emotional connection to your customers.

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About the Author

Guy Merrill is a Senior Art Director at Getty Images. He has 10 years of experience in the image marketplace, and has cultivated a strong understanding of what makes a powerful visual. Guy’s work has won awards from the Creative Review, PDN, AOP, and the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Gallery, and has appeared in campaigns for clients like Sony, IBM, HSBC, Barclays, Nokia, and Coca-Cola. He is passionate about photography and has spoken at many international events about imagery and our wider visual culture. Guy is a graduate of New York University and has a keen interest in design, interiors, and good coffee.