Connections, Inclusive Marketing, and #ThanksTrailblazers

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Here are the top stories for the past TWO weeks — including Connections event coverage.

Connections ‘19:

The New Salesforce Customer 360: Introducing Better Customer Data Management for Enterprises

Trailblazers around the globe will be able to use the first enterprise-grade customer data management and activation platform to build a unified profile of each customer and deliver hyper-personalized engagement across marketing, commerce, service and beyond. Read more.

How to Ensure Every Great Commerce Experience Starts With the Customer

We introduced new features for Commerce Cloud that help brands build and deliver personalized, scalable, and integrated customer experiences faster and more efficiently than ever before. Learn more.

The Top 10 Highlights From Connections ‘19

Connections was a bit of a blur with product announcements, networking, and demos for attendees. Catch up with our top 10 highlights.

Let’s celebrate 1,000 Trailblazer Community Groups and Say #ThanksTrailblazers Together

We now have over 1,000 Community Groups thriving in 85 cities around the world from San Francisco to Seoul and more than 300 Community Group meetings every month.

4 Ways to Practice Inclusive Meetings Today

From the boardroom to the front lines, we have the power to influence change and help build inclusive work environments. One way we can lead with equality is by practicing inclusive meetings. Read more.

How to Make a Good Sales Pitch: 8 Tips to Give You an Edge

Creating a good sales pitch today is no simple task. Check out this how-to guide to improve your sales techniques.

The New Bottom Line: Why Businesses Must Find Purpose Beyond Profit

Today’s successful businesses have the foresight to realize that to remain financially stable, they must be proactive in managing their environmental and social purpose. Here’s why.

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