Drive More Readers to Your Blog: A Guide to Writing With a Strong Voice

By Erin Sherbert, Content Marketing Manager, Salesforce

In a recent survey of small business leaders, we learned that a large percentage of them were looking to produce better content — the kind that will really get people talking. That wasn’t necessarily shocking; in a competitive business environment, energetic blog posts and amusing content is your first shot at captivating new prospects.

We speak from experience when we say churning out content can be easy, but churning out content that makes people both learn and laugh is not. After much experimenting and many blog posts later, we decided to put together this list for business leaders looking to elevate their own blog with a strong voice.

Make yourself relevant

What’s the buzz of the day? What is everyone talking about in the news, or on social media? Which YouTube video is going viral? Leverage that buzz into good content on your own blog (but don’t forget to give some link love to others). It’s your chance to interject on the topic of the day and offer your own two cents, a fresh perspective, or a creative list. It’s a way to generate original content without having to start from scratch.

Pretend you’re G-chatting with a friend

It might sound unprofessional, but it’s actually a good way to unfetter those raw and honest thoughts, and to do so with cadence and tone. If you tend to enjoy pithy banter on IM, then you should strive to transfer that kind of verve to your blog.

Write with authority

You have an audience; now tell them what you know. Readers will appreciate your insights and tips. And if you write about topics you’re an expert in, your writing voice will come across as confident.

Really know your audience

This is the distinction between a good blogger and a great one. Always consider why people are coming to your blog. Are they looking to be informed? Do they find your blog entertaining? Do they think your perspective is fresh? You can figure out who your audience is by interacting with them on social media. Watch how they respond (or don’t) to certain articles and see which stories go viral. There’s a bevy of insights from analytics that can teach bloggers a lot about their readers, such as how long they engage your site, how many keep coming back to your blog, and what key words they’re typing in to get to your blog.

So find out what offends them, what informs them, and what makes them laugh. Then challenge them — some of the most loyal readers are the ones who won’t ever agree with you.

Let the audience get to know you, too

Just like you need to know your audience, they want to know you, too. Find small ways to put yourself into the blog. That doesn’t mean a first-person essay about your life. It means if you’re writing a post about biggest business mistakes, don’t be afraid to share your own mishaps. Readers will appreciate the authenticity.