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App Mavericks

By Joshua Hoskins

As a consultant, I often encounter customers that have a great solution that their users love, but they feel like they are missing the Salesforce #AwesomeSauce that could really boost a salesperson’s performance and productivity. I think I’ve found the answer to their problems: Qvidian.

As David Blume explained in our recent App Mavericks Web chat, their AppExchange product Qvidian Sales Playbooks, provides salespeople with deal-specific guidance, content and best practices tailored to each selling situation right on the opportunity where they’re managing their deal. As the reps drive their sales forward, new tailored information will be served to them to help close the deal.

Key Features That Appealed to Me:

  • You can customize Qvidian to match an industry sales methodology or your in-house processes. At each sales stage, the rep is prompted to follow a series of steps and provided with the material they need.
  • The content offered up is dynamically recalculated. As the sale moves forward or as a rep gains more knowledge of the deal, essential requirements to close and recommended upsell scenarios are served up in Salesforce.
  • Customers and prospects are better served. Because Qvidian is so flexible, it can be tailored for business development, inside sales, or outside sales. Each opportunity can be uniquely developed to take full advantage of the customers’ needs and budget.

Quick Takes

  • As a system admin, it’s easy to set up your first playbook. Then you can clone and edit the original to match each sales scenario.
  • As a product manager, I can push marketing content and product knowledge out of my head and into the sales reps’ hands in minutes.
  • As a sales rep, I can be confident that the material I am referring to when driving a sale is the most recent and most appropriate to each deal size, industry, and product. Ka-ching!

Behind the Scenes

Qvidian is easy to install and setup; you can start simple and develop a more sophisticated solution as needed. It not only streamlines the sales cycle and increases a sales rep’s product knowledge, it also creates a community out of the of sales and marketing teams who now all know exactly what your company sells and which products are appropriate in what scenarios.

Learn More

Check out the Qvidian listing on the AppExchange.

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