The State of the Connected Patient 2015

According to preliminary reports from the White House, 11.4 million people registered for healthcare under the Affordable Healthcare Act before the enrollment deadline on Feb. 15. And that number could grow as the administration is offering a grace period for people who started applications, but couldn’t finish them.

More Americans are insured than ever before, but how is technology impacting how they talk to their doctor, receive test results, and monitor overall wellness?

New research from Salesforce indicates that the healthcare industry is lagging behind some patients’ expectations in terms of technology use and accessibility.

You can check out the full data in last week’s State of the Connected Patient report, which surveyed more than 1,700 Americans who have health insurance and a primary care doctor. We asked about how they’re currently connecting with their providers, as well as their technology hopes for the future.

The report found millennials prefer to engage with their providers through modern technology, which will likely pressure healthcare providers to use more social, mobile, and cloud technologies in their day-to-day interactions with patients.

This infographic highlights the main findings of the report. Take a look and download the full report for more data and details.

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