How to Make Service Agents More Efficient and Customers Happier: App Mavericks

By Geraldine Gray

Making customers happy is a goal that many companies strive for. But what about making agents happy too so they can better serve customers? That’s not always easy, but I found a solution on the AppExchange that does just that. inContact is a cloud contact center solution that maximizes agents’ efficiency and provides a unified customer experience across all communication channels.

In a recent App Mavericks interview, Paul Jarman, CEO of inContact, showed me how his team successfully delivers cloud-based contact center solutions that connect service centers to their customers simply and seamlessly.

Three Key Highlights

  • inContact is more than just a smile-and-dial solution; it provides automated screen pops, detailed call logging, and built-in click-to-dial. Salesforce objects — such as cases, opportunities, leads, or custom objects — can also be easily routed.
  • The tool is simple but scalable, which means that a small contact center can take advantage of best-in-class, enterprise-level features. This allows organizations to have a clear view of agent utilization and track the work they do in Salesforce.
  • inContact provides inbound and outbound calling, self-service options, and superlative case management via an existing phone system. And it integrates perfectly into Salesforce via a user-friendly UI.

Quick Takes

  • As a system admin, I can customize screen pops and automate case routing so that every customer gets to the right agent the first time, which helps solve problems faster.
  • As a manager, I can moderate calls and cases. This means that new agents can quickly learn the tool and our unique business processes and become as efficient as my very best agents.
  • As a developer, I can build on the inContact open CTI toolkit to create custom prompts, triggers, and interfaces that solve customer problems in fewer clicks.

Behind the Scenes

inContact has spent the last 15 years using their own tools to manage their customers and 1,000+ employees. That experience means they know how to exceed customer expectations by offering a suite of products that provides inbound and outbound calling, self-service options, and superlative case management via your existing phone system, while expertly integrating into your Salesforce environment.

Learn More

Check out the inContact listing on the AppExchange.

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