How We Use Onboarding Buddies at Salesforce (and Why You Should Too!)

By Nina Saeang

On my first day at Salesforce, I was introduced to my onboarding buddy, Sara Chen. I remember thinking how neat it was to have a buddy system as an employee but could not have imagined how much having one would impact my experience working at Salesforce over the years to come.

At Salesforce, every new hire is assigned an onboarding buddy, also referred as a mentor, who is responsible for greeting them on their first day, being a go-to resource during their first few weeks, and helping them assimilate into Salesforce culture.

Matches are made by hiring managers, who select mentors based on personality, chemistry and fit. In the Creative team, we also try to pair our buddies up with someone in a cross-functional department to allow them to learn about a different work function and and expand their network outside of their immediate team.

Having an onboarding buddy comes with benefits for both the newcomer and the mentor responsible for onboarding. “There is no amount of documentation that can achieve as much as someone walking and talking you through some of the basics about working at Salesforce,” said Roland Meyer, who has onboarded 3 buddies since he started working at Salesforce. Meyer sees great value in the buddy system and loves that he can serve as a resource to new employees. Typically, on-borders help new employees:

1. Learn how to navigate office structure complete administrative tasks

2. Meet new people and establish an extended buddy network between cross-functional departments (Especially great for those who work remotely)

3. Develop friendships that last beyond the initial on-boarding period

These things make a huge difference to someone starting a new job. Knowing that you have support can make all the difference. “I don’t know how long it would have taken me to be able to run on an assignment without an onboarding buddy,” said Andy Kang. “My on-boarding buddy was incredibly helpful as my go-to guy for all questions and confusions, whether they were technical or more about the workplace and team,” said Kang.

Having an onboarding buddy is also beneficial to those who work remotely and those who joined the company as part of an acquisition. “I joined Salesforce with the ExactTarget acquisition, and it was comforting to know that I had a buddy that knew the ins and outs of Salesforce that I could go to any time I had questions — no matter if they were job or culture related,” said Maggie Thistleton.

Demonstrating our “Aloha” spirit, the buddy system allows us to welcome people to our Salesforce family and create a unique experience for all. It’s one of the many ways Salesforce helps set employees up for success, making their job truly a #dreamjob.

Want to find your #dreamjob at Salesforce? Visit our careers website.

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