Importing Your Sales Data Just Got Easier in Salesforce

By Jean-Baptiste Minchelli

CRM can seem daunting at first. One of the first key steps in using a CRM is to get your data into it. Good news: it’s never been easier to get started with Salesforce! We’ll show you how easy it is to get your important sales data into Salesforce, and begin working more efficiently right away.

We’ve given new life to the Import My Accounts & Contacts wizard, which makes it even easier to get accounts and contacts from the data sources that matter to you into Salesforce. You can locate the import wizard from the Accounts and Contacts tabs in Salesforce. Or, just click Your Name | My Settings | Import | Import My Accounts & Contacts, and then start the import wizard.

TIP: Before you begin your import jobs, make sure that the account and contact data from your sources is the way you want it. Otherwise, you may start out with erroneous or duplicate data in Salesforce. If you need help exporting your data, you can watch this quick video that will help you get it right. Most of the sources will have an export wizard to guide you through the process. When prompted, save your data file as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file type.

You’re ready to import your contact and accounts! Locate the import wizard from the instructions above and select your data sources and file from which you want to import. If some of your source data doesn’t fit neatly into Salesforce, you may need to map some fields from your data sources so that the data in those fields import into the Salesforce fields you want. For example, your data source includes the field “Office Email”, but you want it to map to the field “Email” in Salesforce. If you need guidance with the import process and mapping fields, we suggest that you look at this quick video:

TIP: It’s a good idea to review your mapped field in the Preview Your Data column before you click Begin Import. You can catch any mis-mappings that might have occurred.

Once all your fields look good, click on Begin Import to start the process. You will receive an email when your import is completed, and all of your account and contact information is in Salesforce. Congratulations, you’ve completed your first step towards Salesforce success!

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