Infographic: How Relationship Intelligence Can Help Grow Business

By Kristie Sein

RelateIQ, the newest member of our Salesforce family, has put together a fun new infographic on growing business stats, just in time for the spring season! For instance, did you know that only 18% of small businesses utilize business intelligence? Incorporating intelligence into your business may sound like a daunting task, but it can be as simple as getting a better view of your activity pipeline or sales funnel to track against your business goals.

At RelateIQ, we use Relationship Intelligence to supercharge customer relationship management for our users. You’ve probably come across or interacted with relationship intelligence in your day-to-day when you connected with recommended contacts from LinkedIn, or posted a happy birthday message to a friend from a Facebook reminder. With a smart CRM solution, you can do that within the context of your business. Utilizing relationship intelligence is simply about seeing existing relationship data in a new way to help you strengthen your customer relationships and nurture new opportunities.

Check out the rest of the infographic for more stats on what business are doing to grow and learn how relationship intelligence and RelateIQ can help small businesses and sales teams!

To see the full infographic or to download a copy, visit RelateIQ!

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