Inspirational Career Advice from Women in Tech

By Sarah Boutin

Powerful. Progressive. And pretty darn cool.

We’re talking about the strong women who are making a difference in our industry…and achieving incredible success while doing it. And wouldn’t you know it — along the way, they’ve learned some pretty important stuff. Here, our fearless female leaders (and celebrated Salesforce Women of the Month) share their best career advice.

“Whatever job you are doing, own it. If you do that, no matter what the job is, people notice.”

— Karen Colpitts, Director Development, Data Acquisition

“Plan and organize your time so it doesn’t get wasted. Identify what is urgent and important and ‘just do it.’ For everything else, delegate.”

— Virginie Faivre, Manager, Enterprise Business Representatives

“Invest in your own personal and professional growth. Be willing to always learn something new and enhance what you bring to the table.”

— Sarah Roberts, VP, Sales Development

“Surround yourself with people who challenge you. Your mentors will hold you accountable for achieving your goals.”

— Kayleigh Roberts, Solution Engineer

“Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Make to-do lists and re-prioritize them constantly to stay on track.”

— Laura Anthony, Senior Director, Technology Compliance

“Speak up! Share your career ambitions with the people who can make it happen.”

— Ashling Kearns, Marketing Director, Northern Europe

“Make time for yourself. Doing what you love — for me it’s running — will help you balance work and life.”

— Marie Rosecrans, VP, Customer Experience

“Go the extra mile. Mentor, volunteer, work across multiple departments, and participate in initiatives outside of your job responsibilities…you never know where you’ll find your next career opportunity!”

— Lynne Zaledonis, Senior Director, Product Marketing Sales Cloud

“Build genuine relationships with those who can help you. The people who like you also want you to succeed, and they’ll do just about anything to help you get there.”

— Joanne Pantuso, Vice President, Partner Operations

“Ask for candid feedback. Although it can be intimidating at first, listening to that feedback and acting on it will only make you a better professional and a better person.”

— Eileen O’Mara, Senior AVP, Mid Market & General Business Sales

“Always be true to yourself and trust your choices.”

— Doina Fagurel, Senior Technical Solution Architect

“Give back to other women in the workplace. We likely all have mentors, but we should make sure to also help others grow and develop. This is how we will continue to empower other women in technology.”

— Megan Oleson, Director, Sales Development

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