Momentum Builds On Black Friday Conversations, Best Buy Takes the Lead From REI

By Tom Hasselman

We’re now just two weeks away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and the topic is rapidly becoming a top conversation on social media. When we checked in last week, the conversations were just getting started, and outdoor retailer REI was leading the way with its #OptOutside campaign. This week we have a new leader and a few interesting trends shaping up. Lets dig in.

Overall social conversations around Black Friday are up 20% over last year. This is a big jump and something that marketers will want to keep an eye on. There two ways to look at it. Higher volumes mean more opportunities to participate and engage. However, the higher volumes will mean marketers will have to be sharper with messaging and creativity to cut through the noise. Smart marketers will hone in on the conversations and topics where they see the opportunity to make the biggest impact.

After REI’s dominance last week Best Buy has taken a huge lead with nearly triple the volume of any other retailer. It also doubled their mentions from last year to 164K in the last week. How did they do it? Best Buy launched a campaign for a Pre-Black Friday sale in some of their stores on November 7th that generated a lot of conversation. Getting ahead of a trend is good marketing. Marketers who know when conversation and interest begins can get a jump on the competition by timing campaigns at the beginning of the awareness cycle.

Other shifts in the conversation have happened around the products that people are discussing. Televisions have taken the top spot and along with phones and other electronics dominate 3 or the 4 most talked about categories. We’re also starting to see specific brands emerge in the conversation with Samsung showing up as the most mentioned TV brand.

For more you can view the full report here and we’ll be back next week with fresh insight. As a reminder this data was pulled from Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio. Social Studio analyzes hundreds of millions of data sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news sites, and more. Request a demo to see how social listening can impact your business.

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