New: An Interactive Guide to Incredible Customer Service

By Erin Sherbert, Content Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Customers expect outstanding service, and if they don’t get it, they move on to competitors. That’s why your customer service team needs to be more than just support agents — they need to be your brand ambassadors.

Evolving the role of your customer service reps is easier said than done. Where do you even start? Check out our new interactive infographic for some ideas.

Step 1: Go Where Your Customers Are

Because we now live in a super-connected digital age, customers have high expectations for on-demand, efficient service. People share poor experiences online — and some particularly bad examples of service even go viral.

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Step 2: Empower Your Agents

Agents who can easily access the right information at the right time have the power to resolve issues quickly, leaving you with happy customers. And the research backs it up: high-performing service teams are 3.4 times more likely to empower their agents than underperforming teams. A better service experience starts with a better agent experience.

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Step 3: Anticipate Customer Needs

This is a biggie: being proactive, not reactive, will make or break you. It’s all about technology — and how you use it. One-third of high performers qualify as heavy tech adopters; underperformers are minimal (or, at best, moderate) technology adopters.

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Step 4: Offer Self-Service Options

Think about how you solve problems at home or at work: If you can’t remember something or want to figure out how to accomplish a simple task, odds are, you’ll Google it. Many customers would rather search for answers in a community or on a FAQ page than pick up the phone — so why not enable them to do so?

So there you have it: a sneak preview of our 4 simple steps to incredible customer service. For the full experience, click here to explore our interactive infographic. Have fun!

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