Our Top 15 Most Interesting and Useful Digital Marketing Stats from 2015

By Lauren Kemp

Mobile, video, and social — these are just a few of the hot topics of digital marketing this past year. Before we wave goodbye to 2015 and start preparing for 2016, I combed through all the articles by our team at Marketing Cloud to find the most interesting and useful statistics that could impact your planning and strategy for the coming year. So take a breath, put down the pen, and reflect on the trends shaping the digital marketing landscape:

1. 72% of today’s shoppers are researching a product they plan to purchase through digital resources.

2. 82% of smartphone users will shop on their mobile device this year.

3. Video attracts 3x as many monthly visitors, doubles their time on site, and increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%.

4. Online shoppers who view a video on a web page are 1.6 times more likely to purchase on average than shoppers who did not see a video.

5. Using positive emoticons in a response increases engagement rate by 67%.

6. LinkedIn has a higher percentage of users with a college degree (38%) and more US adults as users than other popular platforms.

7. 53% of connected Millennials are on Instagram.

8. 75% of Instagram’s users are outside the United States, including 14 million in the United Kingdom and 5 million in Australia.

9. Over 65% of Facebook video views occur on mobile.

10. 88% of all time spent with smartphones is spent in apps rather than in mobile web.

11. Native ads drive more views and in turn a greater influence on your brand; viewers report looking at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads.

12. Nearly 70% of Millennials and close to 50% of Gen X have second-screened (i.e. looked at) on their phone while watching TV.

13. Users who were exposed to Twitter Promoted Videos have 28% higher purchase intent.

14. Two-thirds of consumers use Facebook to find good deals and promotions (including 80% of Baby Boomers).

15. Advertisers that highlight specific discounts as a percent in promoted Tweet copy or creative saw 67% lower cost-per-installs (CPIs) and a 40% higher app click rate to the App Store or Play Store. Additionally, promoted Tweets having one or more words in caps had a 58% higher CPI and a 36% lower conversion rate.

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