Salesforce Boosts Its VetForce Mission With Free Training for Veterans

By Dan Streetman

Last October, Salesforce announced VetForce — a program focused on helping veterans transition back to civilian life. VetForce’s goal is to impact the lives of veterans and their families by boosting employment opportunities in the tech sector. The Vetforce Community App, introduced in tandem with the program, helps veterans gain Salesforce training and certification, connect with various veteran service organizations and interact with potential employers.

We’re so proud to be involved with the mission to help support the career transition for 10,000 veterans, and we’re excited to announce the expanded VetForce Community App. Salesforce expanded its VetForce Community App by adding free training via Salesforce Trailhead, a guided, interactive tool for building cloud apps that provides everything vets need to get started as a Salesforce administrator or developer. With Trailhead built directly into the VetForce Community app, veterans are now able to take thousands of hours of free Salesforce training to jumpstart their tech industry careers.

The thousands of veterans transitioning from the military each month are some of the world’s most talented and hardworking individuals, but they may lack the technical training needed to find high-paying and satisfying careers. VetForce aims to bridge that gap by helping veterans gain the training and certification that will create employment opportunities throughout our ecosystem and beyond.

More than 1 million veterans will enter the workforce over the next five years, and VetForce sees this as a tremendous opportunity to bring their talent into the Salesforce ecosystem. Veterans are already seeing success with VetForce. Donald Bohrisch, who served in both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army, was able to transform his career via VetForce.

While the experience Donald gained in the military wasn’t enough to qualify for a high-demand civilian job, through VetForce, Donald received the training and certification he needed to join a Salesforce customer, Conversant, as a Salesforce Administrator.

“Salesforce, it was my game changer. My career in the military so far had only provided a combat arms background. However, through VetForce, I went from pulling triggers in the infantry to developing triggers with Salesforce Apex code in just over six months,” he says.

With this news, VetForce continues its march towards impacting the lives and supporting the career transition of 10,000 veterans. Veterans, their families, and employers can learn more about the program and enroll in the community at

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