Salesforce’s Top 5 SlideShares of 2015

By Kim Honjo

We’ve been wrapping up our year at Salesforce and delivering some of the highlights of our year in blog posts, marketing stats, cloudcasts, and Facebook moments. I decided to share our most popular Slideshare with you in case you missed it. This year, our top SlideShares touched on all topics from content marketing, to analytics, to customer service. Our channel covers a wide variety of business topics, so check it out when you get a chance.

DIY Content Marketing Strategy

This one is close to our hearts, so we’re very happy that you find the information interesting and valuable. Creating a content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. The Salesforce Content team shows you the basics of building a strategy in the Slideshare below. You can also learn more about how to measure that content marketing by reading the blog post here.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015 Trends and Analysis

It hasn’t even been two weeks yet, but The Force Awakens is breaking all kinds of movie records. Just prior to the film’s premiere, we shared some of our own numbers.

Deliver the Future of Customer Service Today with Service Cloud

Customer experience has overtaken price and product as a key brand differentiator. Your customers are looking for more personalized, smarter and faster service. Click thru to read about how Service Cloud can help you deliver service your customers will love.

Customer Service the Small Business Way

Keeping customers happy is essential for small business growth. helps get your fast growing company up and running in just hours, with everything you need to deliver fast, awesome customer service. Learn more about how small businesses can drive big results through service.

Salesforce AppExchange: 9 Simple Rules for Savvy Sales Leaders

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, smart sales leaders must learn to embrace change and turn it into an opportunity to create revenue growth. Beyond these 9 rules, the Salesforce AppExchange has more than 1,000 sales apps to help the savvy sales leader succeed.

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