Salesforce’s Journey to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our path to net-zero and a carbon neutral cloud: Avoid, Reduce, Mitigate

Over many years Salesforce has been laying the groundwork for today’s milestones by following a three-step, iterative process: Avoid, Reduce, Mitigate. Here are examples of key activities for each step:

  • Avoid: The multi-tenant architecture of the Salesforce platform is 50 times more carbon and energy efficient than on-premise software. As a result, Salesforce avoided 2 million metric tons of emissions last year alone.
  • Reduce: Ongoing projects throughout our operations, such as investing in green office spaces and improving data center efficiency, continue to drive energy savings.
  • Mitigate: Last year, to make progress toward our goals of 100 percent renewable energy and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, Salesforce signed two virtual power purchase agreements for a combined 64 megawatts of wind power, offsetting a significant portion of our electricity consumption for years to come.

Creating an Impactful Carbon Offset Program

To maximize environmental and social benefits, Salesforce seeks projects with 6 key attributes:

  • Additional: Reduce emissions beyond a ‘business as usual’ scenario
  • Permanent: Have a lasting impact
  • Verifiable: Rigorously and transparently assess impacts
  • No Net Harm: Do not adversely impact local communities
  • Prevent Leakage: Do not shift emissions elsewhere
  • Co-Benefits: Promote equality, wellbeing, sustainable development and create jobs in the local community

What’s Next for Salesforce

Salesforce knows that businesses can be powerful platforms for change, and we are committed to doing our part. We are proud to advocate for access to renewable energy and actively collaborate with like-minded peers through industry groups such as the Renewable Energy Buyers’ Alliance and the Future of Internet Power.



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