Supercharge Your Growth as a Commercial Banker: New Salesforce E-Book

By Heike Young

The banking industry is experiencing unprecedented change and disruption — and commercial banking is no exception. To truly supercharge your growth in commercial banking, you’ll need to adapt to customer demands and back up your services with the right technology.

What the E-Book Is About

This e-book looks at three central problems preventing many commercial banks from reaching peak client success. Then it explores how technology can solve these problems to deliver a transformative, technology-empowered client and employee experience, which will lay the foundation for your bank’s future.

The Structure of the E-Book

The e-book starts with three problems that commercial bankers face. These problems take hold not only when dealing with customers, but also internally when bankers work together. Then, we explain how to secure future success as a commercial banker through a powerful solution.

Problem #1: You Need a 360-Degree Customer View

You’re probably experiencing this problem if:

  • Your bank uses several legacy systems built around different products and clients
  • You can only access one piece of a client’s financial picture at a time
  • Client data is housed in multiple, outdated silos
  • Too much customer information is on paper or in employees’ heads

Problem #2: The Full Team Doesn’t Work Together

Are you bringing the full team to bear today? Is your bank closing business at maximum efficiency, or are you losing deals because critical information isn’t communicated between key team members? Your team might need a collaboration upgrade if…

  • Collaboration happens haphazardly, if at all.
  • The front and back office aren’t regularly sharing information.
  • Marketing touchpoints are disconnected, blocking information-sharing.

Problem #3: Visibility Across the Funnel is Lacking

When this key sales visibility is missing, you may encounter these issues:

  • It takes too long for sales inquiries and referrals to reach the right person and be acted on
  • The highest-priority leads aren’t scored as such
  • Deals don’t advance fast enough
  • Key actions by bankers, specialists, administration, or the client aren’t clear or get delayed

The Solution: Transform the Customer and Employee Experience

For clients and prospects: You’ll deliver an enhanced experience at every touchpoint, encouraging them to choose your bank for their #1 trusted financial partner.

For bankers: You’ll improve employee experience for a more engaged, successful workforce.

Get the E-Book

You can read Supercharge Your Growth as a Commercial Banker now for free. Start delivering more of what your commercial banking customers want, and download the e-book now.