Zen and the Art of Organizing Your Social Media Accounts for 2016

By Lauren Kemp

If you’re like me, you enjoy a nice, clean workspace, a fresh journal with to-do lists just waiting to be crossed off, and having everything in its place and organized. Oh, sweet peace of mind! It’s January, the perfect time to evaluate, refresh, and take on the new year.

Your social media accounts are no exception. Take some time to look at how your personal brand is shaping up and figure out ways to improve it! Here are 5 steps to organizing your social media accounts:

Step 1: Start a new Google Sheet (or whatever tool you prefer to keep track of your accounts)

Suggestions of things to keep track of: your different social media pages, user names, passwords, email logins, main goal or purpose or the channel, posting cadence, etc. This is helpful in case you ever need to reference the information (most often for me, the forgotten login info) or serve as a reminder of your tactics and goals to keep you on the right path.

Step 2: Search, find, and document all social media pages related to you

Go ahead, Google yourself (as if you haven’t done that before already). Scour the internet to find old accounts (I’m looking at you, old Myspace page) and determine whether to update or delete them.

Step 3: Update your passwords

This is Internet Security 101. At the very least, you should update your passwords once a year.

Pro tip: Create a “formula password” so not every password is the same. For example, F4c3b00kpassYearoftheMonkey, L1nk3d1npassYearoftheMonkey, etc.

Step 4: Update your profile information

For those accounts that you do want to keep, freshen them up. Add new cover and profile pictures. Make sure all the info on there is up to date. Take care of the little details now.

Step 5: Revisit and refresh your strategy for each channel

What is your social presence like? Are you posting interesting or helpful content? What are your goals? Think about why you are on each platform and what you are trying to accomplish there. For example, maybe you want to post articles related to your industry on your LinkedIn page to appear knowledgeable and credible. Maybe you want to show off your creative chops on Instagram and showcase your eye for design. Or maybe you’re just on Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family — you could post things that appeal to them and strengthen your relationships! Whatever your reasons are, take a moment to reflect on them and then move forward with purpose and clarity.

Doesn’t it feel great to have everything organized?

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