This Week on the Salesforce Blog

Here are the top stories for the past TWO weeks — including Connections event coverage.

Connections ‘19:

The New Salesforce Customer 360: Introducing Better Customer Data Management for Enterprises

Trailblazers around the globe will be able to use the first enterprise-grade customer data management and activation platform to build a unified profile of each customer and deliver hyper-personalized engagement across marketing, commerce, service and beyond. Read more.

How to Ensure Every Great Commerce Experience Starts With the Customer

We introduced new features for Commerce Cloud that help brands build and deliver personalized, scalable, and integrated customer experiences faster and more efficiently than ever before. Learn more.

The Top 10 Highlights From Connections ‘19

Connections was a bit of a blur with product announcements, networking, and demos for attendees. …

This Week on the Salesforce Blog

This week we’ve got a new research report to show you, summer release information, blockchain use cases, and social selling tips.

Here are your top stories for the week:

The New Rules of Customer Engagement: Key Trends from Global Research

What does customer engagement really mean for modern businesses? A new global study from Salesforce Research reveals some surprising answers. See report trends.

This Week on the Salesforce Blog

This week we’re busy covering TrailheaDX, the premier event for Salesforce Admins, Developers and Technical Architects. Here are your top stories for the week:

This Week on the Salesforce Blog

Here are your top stories for the week:

36 Free Resources to Give Your Small Business a Boost

It’s National Small Business Week, and to celebrate the achievements of small businesses everywhere, we’re sharing these free resources to help your business grow. Get the resources.

New Research: Trends Every Growing Small Business Needs to Know

This Week on the Salesforce Blog

Here are your top stories for the week:

Work Smarter, Not Harder With These Latest Productivity Features for Sales Reps

This week, we’re introducing our newest features built to simplify access to information and collaboration. We want sales reps to never be more than a couple clicks or taps away from inputting and consuming the information they need in Salesforce. Learn more about the features.

What is Service on the Edge?

Today companies must adapt to meet and deliver on evolving customer expectations and needs. “Service on the edge” can be defined as any product or service that meets a customer need, the moment that need arises, and where the need arises. …

This week on the Salesforce Blog

By Kim Honjo

It’s been another busy week on the Salesforce blog. Here are your top stories for the week:

By Jill Harrington, President, salesSHIFT.

Face facts. Benefits alone don’t sell. Standing out in today’s marketplace requires a laser focus on being the most relevant. And I mean relevant from the prospect’s point of view, not from the seller’s.

So what’s the answer?

Make the shift from the old-school ABC of always be closing to a new triad of selling ABCs that ensures your relevance in a cluttered business environment.

Always be contributing.

Many sellers have the same intent: Find a need and close the sale. Always be closing.
It’s this focus on closing that’s causing talented sales professionals to unconsciously…

Angela Parsons, Partner & Chief Sales Officer at Xelerate LLC

Recruiting and hiring top-tier candidates are huge challenges. Ten years ago, we might have said, “Tell me why I should hire you.” Now, we have to say, “This is exactly why you should come work for us.” For sales leaders, finding (and retaining) the ideal rep requires new approaches and strategies. Here’s what you don’t want to miss in today’s hiring market.

Be proactive with the pipeline.

Recruiting is just like selling — if you wait until you’ve lost even one rep to start prospecting for new candidates, you could be pretty far behind the…

Enrique Ortegon, SVP SMB Sales at Salesforce

When you lead the sales team for a small business, everything you do feels big and important. And that’s because it is. But when everything you do can make a big difference, how do you know where to focus your greatest efforts? Your opportunities may be unlimited, but your time and resources certainly aren’t.

The trick is to keep your eye on the end game rather than individual victories. Cancel out the noise, set big goals, and stick to them. Not sure what your goals should be? Not to worry. …

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber and Anna Souers, International Search Consultants

Hiring managers are wise to pay acute attention to how potential employees conduct themselves during the interview process in order to make the most informed decision possible. The vast majority of hiring fails to pick up on red flags that should have been heeded during the interview process.

If any of the following red flags show up during their very best behavior, one can only assume that it will get much, much worse as time progresses. Here are a few clear-cut warnings that managers should look out for during the interview process.

Red Flag #1: Problems with Punctuality


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