The challenge is clear. Consumers are loyal to experiences, not companies. In fact, 52% of B2C customers say they’d switch brands if they didn’t feel they were getting a personalized experience. No one wants to lose half their customers to the competition.

And because consumers are humans — with a never-ending evolution of needs, passions, distractions, and desires — marketers need to develop strong, adaptable relationships with them by inspiring timely, relevant engagement everywhere a consumer interacts with a brand.

But that’s easier said than done. Many marketers are using disparate tools to manage channels, causing a disconnected experience for…

No maters whats our position in a project but if we are working on a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project, then it’s imperative to be aware of Journey Builder know-hows. Here I have compiled the Best Practices for Optimizing Sending through the Journey Builder .

Optimizing Sending through Journey Builder

Processing Rate: Typically, Journey Builder has a processing rate of 500k/hr/Tenant. You can get up to 2M/hr/Tenant, assuming all the best practices in this document have been taken care of. Processing speed is for all running/finishing journeys in the same time frame.

  • Avoid injecting audiences over 2M if hourly throughput is…

Whenever we start architecting a solution around Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and we know Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect also in place, then we must think through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect behave in various scenarios.

Here I have compiled on Marketing Cloud Connect Behavior towards Salesforce Report, Campaign, Salesforce sends.

When an integrated send (send to SF report or campaign with Contact Id/Lead Id and email address) is in place:

  • If the Subscriber is not already present in the All Subscriber list, they are added to All Subscribers with the Subscriber Key and Email at send time.
  • If a subscriber is…

Have you come across a situation where your Journey picks data based on the Automation run? The SQL inside Automation has overwritten statement. Only data is coming in based on a field say DateRecordCreated (when the record got created/updated to qualify for SQL that run through Automation)

This case is very much a situation in industries like banking, where millions of transactions may happen globally at a time.

Well, this is not a big concern, but what if the system itself goes down for the moment.

Even 5 minutes of downtime will miss millions of record update through Automation.


How to Setup Lead Capture Form in Advertising Studio? Just follow these steps and it’s done in a few minutes.

To begin, install Lead Capture For Marketing Cloud via AppExchange.

  1. Create a Facebook page and Facebook lead form
  2. If you don’t know how to create page look here:
  3. To create a lead ad form, go to the Facebook page and click publishing tools > lead advert forms > create. When creating the form can ask for the following details; First name, Last name, Email, Phone, and any custom question you like.
  4. Within Salesforce Marketing Cloud click on Advertising Studio…

The Salesforce DMP helps Marketers’ Activate’ an audience segment across multiple Publishers (e.g., Yahoo! & MSN, etc.) and DSPs (e.g., DBM & TTD, etc.) quickly and easily and from the same platform.

The Salesforce DMP then allows Marketers to view the live campaign performance across those platforms and make ‘optimizations’ to improve the performance of the campaign.

for instance, The Marketer creates a DMP segment of:

  • users who have visited my e-comm site (not logged in)
  • AND placed an item in the cart
  • AND abandoned the cart and left the site

The Marketer can then pass that segment from the…

The problem is ​that most organizations have not connected these touchpoints in an actionable way.

  1. It collects and store data like online behaviour, offline purchases etc
  2. Unify Data to a Single User and make rich customer profile.
  3. And finally, Segment into Audiences like All the men lives in New York and loves online games.

Salesforce DMP captures signals from all sources and devices, and translate them into a unified view of the individual. But it ingests non-Personally Identifiable Information (non-PII). Well… that’s a good thing. Isn’t it?

So the question is

If a DMP use personally identifiable information, then how…

Are you into Project Management and looking to implement a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project lately?

You must be looking for the right combination of resources that must be the part of a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project.

Through my years of experience, I could arrive at the resource list and their roles and responsibilities that will help you with every essential aspect of marketing cloud implementation.

I would strongly suggest keeping your BA (Business Analyst) at the client site, rest all could be from an offshore location if in case of the tight budget situation.

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To check the detailed roles and responsibilities, click on the link below

Originally published at on July 18, 2020.

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, with over 2 billion monthly users and 65 billion daily messages. It’s also a Digital Engagement channel!

When you use a WhatsApp channel for Messaging, you get the best of both worlds: Your customers can connect with your business using an app they already know and love, and your support agents can reply from the Lightning Service Console.

With WhatsApp, there are two types of messages: Customer-initiated conversations and company-initiated outbound notifications.

Customer-initiated conversations start when a customer messages your business. When a customer initiates a conversation, they’re greeted by an Einstein…

Below are the common topics on SAP (Sender Authentication Package) and frequently asked questions.

  • Once you submit a SAP form, a case will be opened with Salesforce Support’s Internal deliverability team. You will be contacted via email if there is any question during the process.
  • A typical SAP setup takes 3–5 business days to complete. Allow for additional time if there are special requirements.
  • Support can generate a report for what BUs have SAP applied.
  • Once SAP has been set up, review and follow the IP warming guidelines and create a sender profile to utilize the new authenticated sending domain.

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