Making the Case for the Affordable Care Act Going forward

Let’s face it, the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare or the ACA is here to stay. In spite of all the political chest-pounding and rhetoric, it is abundantly clear that repealing and replacing Obamacare is harder than some thought.

Sponsoring an Event? 3 Things To Consider

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, sponsoring an event is a quick and effective way to get your name out there in the community. In fact, which type of event you attach your brand to can, indeed go a long way to helping shape the nature of your brand.

5 Best CPM Advertising Platforms For Bloggers

Conventional wisdom suggests that one of the most effective ways to generate income from your blog content is by serving-up relevant advertising. This is a tried and tested way to extract recurring income from all the hard work invested in building and popularizing your blog.

3 Essential Market Research Steps for New Product Development / Launch

Small business 3 Essential Market Research Steps for New Product Development / Launch November 4, 2017 | Staff Effective, detailed Market research is critical to the success of any new product or service you plan to introduce in the marketplace. To give any new offering a chance to succeed, one needs to address two main questions: Does this product fill a void in the marketplace and how widespread is the problem this product solves.

3 Awesome CRM Platforms for Salespeople

Collecting and managing leads, prospects, and customers is a very important function of any sales organization big or small. One needs a contact management apparatus built to address the unique needs of sales and marketing folks.

3 Ways To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy in 2018

Mobile has become the leading marketing platform for small businesses and large firms. Consumers these days spend more time staring at their mobile devices than their television screens or desktop monitors.

4 Essential Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing has become an immensely important component of any sales and marketing plan. Quality content, coupled with the right content marketing tools, will help you convert more leads into quality prospects.

Caveat | Free cloud storage

Caveat offers Secure File Sharing, Storage, & Collaboration. Get 15 GB for free today. Get started now

3 tips for building a 21st Century seller strategy, over the past ten years or so, has truly emerged as the ultimate platform for small businesses to sell to a wide audience. The “Little guy”, today can reach a global community of shoppers via Amazon. However, there are some challenges associated with selling on the site.

3 Tips For Bootstrapping Your Startup Company

Contrary to what you may have heard, not all tech startups immediately attract deep-pocketed investors right off the bat–many new tech founders go for years funding their operations by cashing out retirement accounts, maxing out credit cards and even borrowing money from friends and family.


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