What Are Data Append Services and Why Are They Critical to Having a Strong Database

How often does your contact data go bad? On average, 2.1% of contact data goes bad per month. Maintaining a strong database can be difficult when you’re losing nearly 25% of your database each year. Working with the same database without removing bad data will lead to:

  • Higher overhead
  • Less effective databases

Through the use of data append services, it’s possible to recover potential losses from bad data.

What Are Data Append Services?

Bad data needs to be removed. When this is done, a database is reduced, leading to reduced sales potential and fewer leads. Data can be appended to a database so that new, fresh contact information is listed in place of the bad contact data.

Missing information, such as email addresses, from customer data can be appended to ensure that potential leads are never lost.

When your database shrinks, you can easily supplement the lost data through custom lists matching specific criteria.

Why Append Data?

Much of your contact information may be correct. First and last names, company names and various other information in your database may still be good. A changed email address or other vital contact information may be the only missing piece of data you have.

When lists have been customized to your needs, it doesn’t make sense to give up on them.

Missing data can be appended to a database to ensure that it is:

  • Current
  • Optimized
  • Profitable

With monthly data loss rates being at 2.1%, this can lead to a major loss in sales potential. For a business, this is simply an unacceptable figure.

Through data append services, all of this information will be analyzed and corrections will be made. This means that pertinent, missing data will be added to your list and bad data removed.

An up-to-date database means more selling and less time wasted tracking down bad leads.

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