Why Phone Verified Leads Are More Likely To Convert

Phone verified leads will lead to higher conversion rates with your prospects. We discuss why verified lists have a much higher chance to convert.

Every list has one main purpose: to provide leads. When data is bad, your company will waste valuable resources attempting to contact a potential lead. Phone verified leads allow your list to be error-free so that you have a high connect rate on each call that’s made.

Why Verified Leads Are Optimal

Making calls that don’t reach your targeted customer costs you money and time. With verification, it’s possible to:

  • Reduce Call Failure: All of the pruning of a list will be done during the verification process. Lower call failure rates will automatically boost conversions.
  • Increase Accuracy: Phone verified leads will have all of their information updated for the utmost in accuracy. Not only will failure rates be low, but you’ll have updated information about the person of contact.

Getting the right person on the phone is the first step in the conversion process. A pitch that is tailor-made to the contact will have a higher chance of conversion. Personalization and building a rapport with a contact is much easier when done over the phone than direct mail or email advertising.
After all, you’ll be able to converse with an actual person and ensure that your message is conveyed properly. You’ll also have the added bonus of closing the deal on the phone and offering solutions that would be lost using other marketing mediums.

Decision makers, the ones you want to pitch to, will be the essence of your leads. Phone verified leads work to eliminate calling the wrong person based on job title and responsibility. Once optimized, lists will be more fruitful and there will be less wasted time securing potential leads.

Verification reduces the unnecessary barriers that sales teams face when trying to convert clients by phone. Through verified leads, calls can be done at a faster pace and pitches will be heard by those able to make purchasing decisions. As a result, less time is wasted and conversions will increase.

Article Source : https://storify.com/salesinside/whyphone-verified-leads-are-more-likely-to-convert

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