11 LinkedIn Profile Tips For Financial Advisors — Tip#3 Writing LinkedIn Posts:

Tip #3 is putting posts up, or posting. I’ve taken a look at a buddy of mine, Tom’s profile that he’s put posts up.

Just to give you an idea, when I look at him compared to people he’s competing against, is in this case Michelle and Andrew don’t have any posts. They’re not being seen one, as a thought leader. Two, the neat thing about this is Tom, because he’s posting on a regular basis, he is getting his posts put into the search results. His image is actually double the size, it draws you into that image. He’s getting way more views.

Now the other thing we want to take a look at is if you post once a month, or share a piece of content that you find online, twenty percent of your contacts are going to see it. If you post or share a piece of content you find online, twenty times per month or once per working day, sixty percent of your contacts get to see that. You get seen as a person who’s promoting and educating people, and that’s how you get found on LinkedIn.

I recorded this video as part of a larger video that show 11 common mistakes that Financial Advisors make when it comes to their LinkedIn Profiles. You can watch the complete video on the 11 Mistakes that Financial Advisors make here. You can also download an eBook entitled “LinkedIn Profile Checklist”.

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