How I added $1.8 Million to my sales pipeline in 3 months - part time

A couple of weeks ago I sent out an email that had 2 questions on it about LinkedIn.

These questions were:

What is your biggest struggle with LinkedIn?


What is your number 1 question about using LinkedIn for generating sales opportunities?

Given the overwhelming responses that I received (well over 300 people, thank you), I have pulled together a free 3 part video course on how to use LinkedIn for business and to generate sales opportunities.

This 3 part course has over 3 hours of video content that you can use to engage on LinkedIn and to generate Sales opportunities.

The first video talks about how I used LinkedIn to generate close to $1.8 Million into a sales pipeline over a 3 month period in less than an hour a day.

Here is the link to access that video:

In the next email you will get a video on a few tactics you can use to generate sales leads using LinkedIn.

You will learn:

  • Multiple tips that you can use to get your LinkedIn profile viewed by up to 15 X’s more qualified prospects allowing you to access more sales leads
  • The easiest way to find up to 400% more sales opportunities from leads that close at 2 X’s the norm
  • An under used LinkedIn strategy that will help you on the path to generating a steady stream of qualified sales leads.
  • 5 Key LinkedIn search tactics that will help you identify better qualified sales prospects

The second video will be coming out on Wednesday, so keep an eye out for it.

The last video in this course will come out on Friday. The video tutorial is over 2 hours long and includes answers to 28 of the questions that I received a couple of weeks ago.

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