Learn A Couple Of Ways To Create Content By Joe Pulizzi:

Learn A Couple Of Ways To Create Content By Joe Pulizzi:

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to interview Joe Pulizzi for the second time recently.

Joe is extremely knowledgable on content marketing and his most recent book, Content Inc. where he shows you how to use 6 steps to succeed with Content marketing.

In this segment, Joe talks about A Couple Of Ways To Create Content By Joe Pulizzi.

Chris Hamilton:

Do you have a couple ideas how people can create content?

Joe Pulizzi:

If you are like some of the gifted people in the world, and you can create your own content and tell your own stories, then you don’t need to listen to any of this. The most important thing is that the strategy comes from you. You want to keep the strategy. Everything else can be outsourced. I’m not one of these firm believers that you have to in source or fully outsource. You focus on what you’re really good at. If you’re really good at certain parts of the story, then great. Then keep those. If there’s others things you’re not really good at, like editing, proofreading, search engine optimization of your content, that all can be outsourced.

What I love to do, like a latest little tip, if you’re in a particular trade, I always go to the leading trade publication in that industry, and I go to the masthead, and I look at all the contributors of that magazine, and they’re usually freelance contractors. They’re all looking to do work with companies like yourself. You go reach out to them, and they’d be happy to write stories for you, edit for you. There’s a lot of video producers out there. There’s a lot of people to help, from if you wanted somebody to actually do a podcast for you. There’s more experts out there and ways that you can find them, easier than ever before.

You have to make the decision, how important is your time. If you really want to go through the process and you want to spend five hours doing an article, and you feel that that’s what you have to do, then fine. That’s what you have to do, but I’m more along the lines of this is what I want to say, this is the raw content, this is the positioning, here’s the people that we should be interviewing, and I’ll go give that assignment to somebody to do. Then we’ll bring that back, and that will be an article. I want to have you thinking like you’re a publisher, like you’re a media mogul, and how you would use the resources the best you can. You don’t always have to do it yourself, but if you can, if you’re a great content creator, then fine, you’re good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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