LinkedIn Advanced Search — Using Quotations

Quotes. In fact where you use quotes is for an exact phrase. In this case, if you look in the title down here on the left hand side, I’ve got quotes around Vice President. What’s that doing is, it says, I just want to see results that has the term Vice President in it. Now, if I were to put in Vice President without the quotations around it, one of the things that LinkedIn will do, is when you search on this, it’s going to bring back the results on presidents as well. You don’t necessarily want to see that. You end up with some results that just do not make sense. The other thing too is if you have a free account and you’re bringing back some of these results. The problem is is that if you’re clicking on these results, you only have a certain amount that you can look at a monthly basis. You might chew through your monthly allotment by clicking on what I deem to be wasted results that weren’t beneficial to you.

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