LinkedIn Sales Course Part 3: 28 LinkedIn Questions Answered — Learn LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Today is the last day of my 3 day course that I put together on using LinkedIn to generate sales leads.

This last video is a long one, over 2 hours of content and I answer 28 questions that people had on using LinkedIn for sales.

There is some repetition, but I had to repeat to add relevance to each question that was asked.

You can watch the complete video here:

The following is a complete list of the questions that were asked. I have added a time stamp beside each question to show you where it located in the video. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the video to see the video play bar.

Section 1: Sales Leads

How do I find leads using LI? Paul S — 2:18

What is the best way to generate consistent sales with LinkedIn? — Steven C 6:54

How to promote yourself and what you sell. The post have changed and become more like Facebook.. — Cheryl M 10:17
Section 2: Prospecting

How do I get to the right net worth individual? — Colin M 15:15

Does it work in a “Business to Buyer” relationship? — Greg D 19:05

How can I find potential clients with specific criteria to create my own data base? — John G 23:51

How would I find companies by sector? For example, if I wanted to find all accounting firms over 10 employees? — Chris W 28:42

My sales reps are struggling with how to use LinkedIn efficiently when prospecting. — Peter K 31:50

How would a niche law firm (immigration and wills & estate planning) use LinkedIn to bring in clients? — Russ W 37:12

How do I find sales ready prospects? — Orji P 42:13
Section 3: Effectiveness

Does LinkedIn work? What is the ROI? — Ray G 46:36

How effective is it for most people…. what are the successes? — Shareen H 50:33
Section 4: Nurturing

How do I get a meeting set up? — Michael S 54:34

What is the best approach to make introductions once you make a Connection with someone? — Sheri R 57:02

How to, in a cost efficient manor, do I get my team to actively and effectively use LinkedIn to generate New sales leads? — Carey B 1:00:25

Will I come across like I’m hard selling when I reach out to people regarding their investments/financial planning challenges? — Scott D 1:03:37

Finding enough time to mine LinkedIn with searches to find the right people, and then try connect with them and start conversations. Not enough automation. — Mitch R 1:09:26

How do you nurture connections in a way that leads to sales? — Zachary O 1:15:32

How do I manage my prospects? I want to tag them so that I can send a message without using my CRM. — Maxine C 1:30:22

What is the best way to communicate to prospects when you don’t want to be like everyone else on LinkedIn? — Shannon P 1:23:14

How do I strengthen my LinkedIn connections? — Colin D 1:25:37

How do I convert online contacts into meetings then prospects then clients? — Peter Z 1:27:03
Section 5: Messages

How do I get people to actually engage in the sales pitch via a LinkedIn message? — Anonymous 1:30:40

How do I get people to respond to me? — Anonymous 1:32:58

People aren’t checking their LinkedIn emails as much anymore because they get so much SPAM so my ‘important’ email gets ignored. How do I get people to respond to my LinkedIn messages? — Denise R 1:36:41
Section 6: Miscellaneous

My biggest struggle with LinkedIn is that many connections aren’t real connections — that is when I ask for an introduction — people don’t really know the person I’m trying to contact. — Jeff P 1:40:19

What are the benefits of a premium account? — Jim D 1:45:42

How do I determine if a person is active on LinkedIn? — Allan M 1:50:52

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the first 2 videos, you can watch them here:

I hope you learned a lot from the all of these videos, but this doesn’t have to end here.

I have a course starting on Sept 6th entitled, The Digital Referral and I have opened up registration now.

The Digital Referral:

The Digital Referral course will walk you through a proven process to help you get more sales from better qualified prospects in that close at a higher rate in less time.

I have generated millions of dollars in sales using this process and it has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in time to learn the tactics that you will learn in this course.

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The Digital Referral Course runs for 4 weeks and the agenda is as follows:

Week 1 — Sept. 6th:

Learn the basics of LinkedIn and you will learn how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile so that you can attract up to 15 X’s more views from qualified buyers. Did you now that 49% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to find suppliers for the products and services that they want to purchase and that 50% of these buyers will discount your based on an incomplete profile, so it is extremely important to have a profile that rocks!
Week 2 — Sept. 13th:

Learn the first 3 steps of the Digital Referral process.

Step 1 — Becoming a LinkedIn Search Ninja and building out a targeted list of sales prospects that will

Step 2 — How to create a tracking mechanism for all of you targeted prospects you found in Step 1

Step 3 — How to reach the right prospects on your target list so that you generate a ton of opportunities
Week 3 — Sept. 20th:

Learn the last 2 steps in the Digital Referral process.

Step 4 — How to connect with connections that are tough to reach

Step 5 — The ultimate follow up process to ensure your success by tying all the 5 steps together
Week 4 — Sept 27th:

Learn numerous ways to use LinkedIn to identify even more prospects and tactics that you can use to attract qualified sales prospects to you. One of these tactics allows me to access qualified prospects faster and it is used by very few people that you compete against. How do I know, less that 0.06% of my LinkedIn connections have use it on me yet I use it get 50% of my targeted referred sales prospects into a conversation with me.
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If you have any questions about the Digital Referral, please reach out to me and ask.

I hope you can attend.

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