Using LinkedIn Endorsements to Generate LinkedIn Profile Views

Using LinkedIn Endorsements to Generate LinkedIn Profile Views:

Hi there, it’s Chris Hamilton with Sales Tip a Day, and today what I want to show you is a correlation between profile views and activities on LinkedIn. What I do is, I’ve got a premium account so I can get all my statistics and information on what’s going on on my account. If I go into profile and who’s viewed my profile then it brings up all the information on my account over the last 90 days. What I wanted to show you was just as you see these upswings here and then it goes down, and you see some upswings again, and it goes down, it has to do a direct correlation with the actions that I’m taking as you can see.

Down here is the actions. Here is the amount of profile views that I’ve gotten from individuals. What you can see is, let’s start here kind of this week which is October 18th to the 24th, I ended up getting 60 profile views and what I’d done is I’d endorsed a lot more people. The week before I endorsed 40 people, this week I endorsed 717. This week I shared 36 updates. This one 38 so not much difference there. I posted in 24 groups then and 25 in this one. I added 12 contacts and I added 21 contacts. Long story short is even though my profile views were lower that week, this week they went up because of the fact what I think is, because I was endorsing more people.

Now if you also take a look in here, same thing. I ended up endorsing 1161 people and I shared way more updates than I did the week before which was 38 compared to 127, 97 compared to 25 and 67 connections added compared with 21. What this is showing me is how I get more people to view my profile is that I endorse them. Of course you can endorse people by going to their profiles and these are first level connections and endorsing them based on skills that they have on their profiles. What does this mean? This means in fact that I’m getting more of the people that I’m connected with coming back and looking at my profile which also potentially opens the door for them to reach out to me and ask me if I can help them or it can create more opportunities for me. My recommendation is that if you could, at least set some time aside each week and you can go through and start endorsing individuals in your first level connections on LinkedIn.

Here, I’ll show you how you can actually endorse people. Let’s just go into my connections here and once I get into a connection, I will find someone that I’m connected to and it’s potentially, Larry here. I’ll just click on his profile. It will come up and there will be a section in there where I can potentially endorse him. What I’m looking at now is, there we go. This section will either be above his picture or below his picture if he’s got, or he or she has their skills listed. All you do is, you can go through, I mean, you can endorse all these or you can take some off. You can find some others that you know but just hit endorse. What happens is when you endorse someone you start showing up in their notification stream. For example, Paul Smith here endorsed me on business development. What’s happening is people are seeing that you’re endorsing them and they’ll go back and look at your profile. That can open more doors for you. There you go.

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