Why Are Email Subscribers So Important By Joe Pulizzi

Why Are Email Subscribers So Important By Joe Pulizzi:

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I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to interview Joe Pulizzi for the second time recently.

Joe is extremely knowledgable on content marketing and his most recent book, Content Inc. where he shows you how to use 6 steps to succeed with Content marketing.

In this segment, Joe talks about Why Are Email Subscribers So Important.

Chris Hamilton:

Why is it that e-mail subscriptions are so important to someone who’s starting out?

Joe Pulizzi:

If you look at all the ways that somebody can subscribe to your content, they can become a fan of yours on Facebook; they can follow you on Twitter; they can become a subscriber on YouTube. All the way up the chain, LinkedIn, Medium, they all have different ways that people can subscribe. You basically have no control over any of those connections. All the platforms own the content and the connections. You basically are borrowing it. They’re letting you have a connection with that audience.

The only thing where you have the most control is through, number one, e-mail subscriptions, number two, print subscriptions. I know it’s a very old-world way to think about it, but if you look at the way media companies have set themselves up and the ones that … even new media companies that are super successful, like a BuzzFeed, look at BuzzFeed. They have all these amazing things that they’re doing on Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat, but when you follow the breadcrumbs and you look at their calls to action, where do they go? E-mail subscriptions.

Chris Hamilton:

That’s right back to the website, isn’t it?

Joe Pulizzi:

Yeah. Why is that? Because tomorrow Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and YouTube could all make the decision and say. “Uh, I’m sorry. I know I gave you access to that audience, but I’m not going to give you access to that anymore.” They might be completely within their right to do that. I don’t want to give up that kind of control. It’s very hard to run a business when you can’t control the data and the connections like that, so we want to convert those to e-mail whenever we can.

I don’t know where we’re going to be, Chris, in two years or three years, but right now, by far, e-mail is the number-one priority and we see that with all the examples in the book. Every one of them either have focused on initially from e-mail or they learned along the way that, “Oh, my gosh, I’d better get my act together because I had all these subscribers on YouTube, but then YouTube is not showing them my videos anymore, so I’ve got to take some control back here.”

I hope you enjoyed this.

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