Why Sales People Should Care About Using Social Selling By Dave Mattson

Why Sales People Should Care About Using Social Selling:

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Dave Mattson, the president of Sandler Training on their new book “LinkedIn the Sandler Way”.

In this segment, Dave talks about Why Sales People Should Care About Using Social Selling.

Here is a transcript from this segment of the interview

Chris Hamilton:

Why should a salesperson care about social selling?

Dave Mattson:

Well again, I think it’s just in today’s world it’s a far more effective way for a salesperson to connect and stay connected either with customers or to find new customers. I think that thing that we all, this asset that we’re all trying to figure out as sales people is how to become more effective and more efficient in the time we have. As you become more successful, that’s a harder challenge. Your juggling all these balls all the time. You can choose to ignore social selling and a lot of people have. I think certainly, depending on the age group, depending on the geography, it’s a must.

I think if I were going to say why would you do it? People that are on social selling, fifty-one percent of the time are really more likely to achieve quota. I guess if we were just looking at dollars and cents, why wouldn’t you? If it’s proved out, social selling, you could eighty percent more productive. If I can be eighty percent more productive with the same talk tracks that I have now and the same product level, why wouldn’t I do it? It just increases the ability for us to touch an awful lot of people and to educate an awful lot of people.

Technology and the internet, a lot of our prospects are educated long before they actually call us, Chris. In the old days, part of our job as salespeople, or a large part of our job was to educate the prospect. That’s still true but they’re doing a lot of that self education now. If you can figure out what groups they’re participating in and how do I touch them? How do I become a content expert in my field? I think then your credibility within the marketplace or your prospect market place, customer marketplace increases. For me, it’s just an opportunity to talk from one to many versus one on one. Not that social selling doesn’t allow you to do that. I think it just does a lot of heavy lifting for you and the statistics prove it out.

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