We have talked to hundreds of Outsourcing / Engineering Services companies over the years that want to enter the DACH market. When searching for Unique Selling Points, we are always shocked by how surprised they are to find out that much of what they think in unique to their company is actually the opposite of unique. These commonly claimed USPs are actually in at least 90+% of all engineering services companies attempting to enter the DACH market.

  1. We have special expertise in Banking, Telecom, and/or Government. These are the three biggest domestic buyers of tech in nearly all markets offering…

The Problem of Early Stage SaaS

For an early stage SaaS, sales leads are driven by relationships and inbound discovery. This means customers are usually diverse and scalability is slow and complex. Other techniques (especially digital marketing with a content strategy) require highly focused and validated audience-value-message fit. How to scale up faster?

If your offering is high ticket and enterprise class and reliant on word-of-mouth and/or local references, it is likely that most of your leads are referrals, networking, relationships and organic inbounds. …

Exporting business? When you want to successfully expand your business to other geographies or segments you have to find answers to these questions:

  1. What is the ideal market segment for exporting my business?
  2. Who are the decision makers, decision influencers?
  3. What are their personal problems, needs and desired end results?
  4. Is my offer valuable and relevant for them?
  5. What are their alternative solutions to solve their problems, satisfy their needs, and achieve their desired end results?
  6. Who are my competitors?
  7. How does my solution differ from the other alternatives?
  8. How can I communicate and demonstrate my differentiators?
  9. What is the…

Outbound lead generation is no longer about cold calling -> meeting -> negotiating and closing. It’s about providing chunks of value, one after the other. One-on-One and not One-to-Many.

COVID has fundamentally collapsed the way most of us connect and network with new potential buyers — increasingly, many are concluding that this disruption will have longer term effects on business development.

outbound lead generation machine

For some of you 361 sales qualified leads might not sound very impressive but for our customers it is a lot.

Our customers are international software and IT service companies that want to gain more customers in the German…

I will not talk about the endless possibilities of remote working and WFH. We all had to do that and for some it worked better than for others — it really depends on your individual situation at home.

No, I want to show you 3 real things our clients faced and finally managed in these difficult COVID situation.

COVID has fundamentally collapsed the way most of us network and meet with new potential buyers — increasingly, many are concluding that this disruption will have longer term effects on business development and how we connect with new potential buyers.

Due to…

We’ve had “qualification calls” (or “discovery calls”) in sales almost as long as we’ve had phones. And still, most people seem to not understand the full breadth of how it actually works. It’s tricky — especially when discovery/qualification call happen online over Zoom — and you don’t want it to become a disqualification call. Here’s a new way to think about it.

This is the biggest mistake we’ve seen SDRs and sales reps make. They assume only they are doing the qualifying — in that case, of the prospect.


The prospect is also qualifying you.

We’ve never gone and…

Let’s say your product is a $125,000 software or service, or a $4,000 monthly retainer. That’s what you want you prospects to buy from you, right?

Even though you’ve outlined the sales and marketing speak, it’s still a very high wall for most of your leads and prospects to be climbing. If someone has just visited your website for the first time, or just talked to your Business Development Manager, they’re not likely going to spend $125,000 with you, right away. It happens, yes. But it’s very rare. Unfortunately, we are used to that “rare moments in sales” and have…

Very obvious statement to open: to grow a business, you need a pipeline. To have a pipeline, you need leads. Hopefully none of that was new information for anyone reading this. That’s the core/crux of sales.

But despite the importance of leads, a lot of companies do struggle with lead generation. Huh? If it’s something you need to focus on, and it demands attention and resources, how do companies do it so badly?

There are typically four main reasons, although a few others pop up from time to time too.

Essentially, your website does lots of flashy things, is very…

We’ve reached an interesting spot with website development. There are literally millions of people who can help you with design, layout, content, UX, SEO, etc. Many of them can be found on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr for not that much money. The resources are all there. There are probably more web resources available to help you than there have been since the dawn of the Internet.

And yet, for all that, and all those people … websites do not convert visitors into leads, in general. The average global e-comm conversion rate, for example, is about 3%. The top 25%…

The German B2B market for high ticket SaaS is tricky, but if you nail it, it can be very profitable for you and your company. It’s tricky because German buyers are generally very skeptical, even in SaaS (=Cloud) sales plays. That means they tend to expect a personal demo or face-to-face meeting (Covid19?), and maybe the lowest execution you could get away with is a live webinar.

To sell SaaS in Germany and DACH nations B2B, you need a very personal approach. But that also creates problems.

That leads to a higher customer acquisition cost (CAC) and longer sales cycles…

Martin Weiss

Helping software & services companies to sell in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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