For successful outbound lead generation prerequisite is product-market-fit on segment level.

Product-Market-Fit for outbound lead generation

Truth be told, sometimes you may think that this term is something seen in some business school class or when pitching for your next funding round.

But, it’s more than that and in fact more useful than you might think, it may be the reason why your non-organic outbound sales…

The Problem of Early Stage SaaS

For an early stage SaaS, sales leads are driven by relationships and inbound discovery. This means customers are usually diverse and scalability is slow and complex. Other techniques (especially digital marketing with a content strategy) require highly focused and validated audience-value-message fit. How to scale up faster?

If your offering…

Let’s say your product is a $125,000 software or service, or a $4,000 monthly retainer. That’s what you want you prospects to buy from you, right?

Even though you’ve outlined the sales and marketing speak, it’s still a very high wall for most of your leads and prospects to be…

Martin Weiss

Helping software & services companies to sell in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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