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From today’s reading…

“Why are you (fighting)?”…

“Who has appointed you ruler and judge over us?”

Ever ask a simple question and people jump down your throat?

Ever got caught not doing the right thing?

Were you embarrassed when someone noticed? 
Did you apply the principle that a good offense beats a great defense?

We attack those who see us in our moment of weakness and try to shout them down. To bully them into turning away so we can remain in the darkness with our flaws and bad habits.

(Two wrongs really don’t make a right, do they?)

The backstory on this quote is that Moses was the one who was asking the question of his fellow Hebrews.

The backstory to the backstory is that just the day before Moses had killed an Egyptian guard who was mistreating a Hebrew slave and rather owning up to his actions Moses buried the dead guard in the sand.

So Moses let his temper get the best of him. (I probably would’ve done the same thing.) And now these two who were fighting were throwing Moses’s weakness in his face and ridiculing him.

It’s hard to lead when your people don’t respect you.

Leadership takes discipline but discipline requires you to take responsibility for yourself.

When you’re responsible for yourself you have freedom: freedom of action, freedom of inaction, and freedom to live with the consequences of both.

What do you need to work on to become a better version of yourself? Is it your temper like Moses? Is it your health? Is it your finances? Is it how you love your spouse?

We’re all works in progress…at least I hope we are. But many stop progressing by the age of 25, or 18, or 13.

Commit to making steady progress even if some days that progress is represented by merely hanging on.

Stay the course.

Keep the faith.


Now go sell something.

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