Pvc Wallpaper Vinyl Wallpaper

Pvc Wallpaper Vinyl Wallpaper

the following only a brief introduction, after all, I am involved in the food problem, :)
1, glue does not parquet
simple. General striped paper, chaos pattern paper, plain paper can not parquet
2, plastic parquet
Slightly pay attention to a series of parquet, across the parquet, jumping and so on … …
3, paper construction (non-Korean paper)
After the paper on the plastic expansion coefficient, paste the wall after the joints easily shrinkage cracking. The solution has …
Seriously, seriously and then seriously, slowly will be able to stick well.
4, Korean pure paper
Can be cut edge, but also take side, pay attention to the construction sequence, brushing time and glue on the location. Bad stickers
5, Japanese paper construction
First take the edge and then cut the edge of the paper, the seam effect is good, the knife workers demanding. Recommended Use.
6, grass paper construction attention
Construction attention wiping light scraping. The surface is cleaned with a brush.
7, non-woven wallpaper construction attention
The walls must be flat, inside and outside the corner straight, dry walls! Construction techniques are more …
As the non-woven fabric itself will absorb water, so the preparation of glue should be strong, so that reduced mobility, adding the right amount of white plastic to increase the adhesion, directly on the wall glue.
Wall cloth sun angle can use a hair dryer or card furnace wall surface softening, can easily turn the wall cloth through the corners … …
8, gold foil construction attention
Note: A layer of gold or foil on the surface of a metal wallpaper is also conductive, so be careful to avoid the power supply. Switches and other live lines.

9, fresco construction
Slow work out fine work.
10, machine construction
Small Japanese invention of the lazy tools, suitable for tooling, home improvement so much to carry a machine tired ah … … effect is not good to say, suitable for Japanese paper, encountered special material paper rap.

With the wallpaper often encounter the following problems can be handled by the following methods.
Oil pollution problems
1, paint — if the paint stick to the wallpaper, should immediately wipe with a dry cloth, do not let the traces to expand, quickly with ethanol or ethylene oxide cleaning, and then clean with water.
2, ink handwriting — wallpaper stained with ink and pen marks, available ethanol cleaning.

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