This is a full guide how to Run a Node and setup a “Klever” validator

Create statics directory

Network genesis config

Create your validator BLS Key

Download and extract data backup for fast spin

Run your node

A node running, showing how many blocks were proposed and accepted, current blocks, slots and connected nodes, last generated hash, computational information, epoch and network processes and a basic log info segment.

Run node in the background

How to stop a node

How to backup DB folder

How to restart a node

How to Upgrade node (docker image version)

How to send using CLI

Become a validator

Request faucet

How to register a validator using CLI

  • Make sure you have entered the correct BLS pub key
  • Same as for send from CLI, one can also use public node to send the transaction

How to freeze KLV for staking

The minimum amount allowed to stake KLV is 1000 KLV.

How to Delegate frozen KLV to node

Edit the validator settings (change node BLS Pubkey and commission)

About a KleverChain technology



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