Who says TV can’t teach you anything?

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A show about FBI profilers finding serial killers around the country.

Okay, I’m going to be straight with you, I love watching TV. I love how a story can simply change your emotions while also educating you with different perspectives of situations. This is why Criminal Minds is a great example of what I am going to share with you today.

If you have never heard or watched this show then I have 2 things to say:

  1. What!?
  2. Go to Netflix and give it a go, it’s pretty interesting.

Okay, but seriously give the show a try. It’s about these FBI profilers that find serial killers because they “empathize” how they think and build profiles (aka personas) to help locate them. …

Lessons Pixar teaches us in design.

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Storytelling on the inside out film.

I remember the first time I saw Toy Story. I fell in love with the idea that my toys could be alive. Then years later I watched the movie again, this time I had a different experience. I fell in love with the animation and I was emotionally connected to the storytelling. Looking back at the movie today, I saw growth; the animation films have improved and the stories are getting even better. In this blog I’m going to share what Pixar teaches us and how we can put it towards our product designs.

I first would like to share a few resources that I found educational to read / watch. …

Helping users cook and enjoy the recipes from Tasty.

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Final product design.

Have you ever came across a Tasty video on Facebook but you forgot to save it for later, so now you have to go on their account page to search for that video? Well what if there was a better way to look for Tasty recipes?

A brief

In case you don’t know who Tasty is, they are a Buzzfeed business that shares cooking videos on social media (mainly Facebook). What makes the content so great is the video is shot from above and shows people how to prep/cook meals. …

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The LunaDesk! A smart desk created by creatives for creatives.

A story about me working with M33 Labs to build LunaDesk.

I’m going to tell you about a time in my life where I worked for a start up company that changed my life! It all started when I first saw the product in my junior year of college (2016). At the time M33 Labs called the product SPACE and M33 Labs had there product out for testing. It wasn’t much at the time but the CEO sold me on the purpose of the desk, which was to build a smart desk for creatives. …

What makes a good designer to a great designer?

Okay if you haven’t been asked this in an interview yet then get ready to learn. What makes a good designer to a great designer? This question has always felt like a trick one, you may say a good designer is someone who can design but what exactly is the company looking for in a great designer? In this blog I’m going to tell you why the answer great designers know why is what companies will want to hear.

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Great sketching by @kadabracarl⠀of user interactions with mobile devices.

Where did the solution come from?

Working at M33 Labs was an amazing experience. The CEO Brandon Smith was very passionate about his product the LunaDesk that I learned a lot about design from him. He would have me read books like “Good to Great” or “Dieter Rams: Ten Principles for Good Design” so I could learn how designing a product for users has purpose. …

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New app design not original.

Coming from a DC fan like me, I was excited to use their new entertainment app! As I was using the app I noticed some details that can be worked on for better interaction. This became my next case study by focusing on the user research.

The Problem

  1. The app is overwhelming for users.​ What this means is the app is offering to much for the users or flow could be worked on (a.k.a the jam experiment).
  2. Users are not noticing some active buttons and are assuming some icons are active buttons. This is a problem because the product can lose users because your telling them to take extra steps on the flow map to get where they want to be. …


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