Culture without borders

Erasmus + “Youth Work in Digital Era Through Cultural and Religious Diversity”

What is culture? Culture is not a massive immovable thing... It’s something untouchable in the air and has, strictly speaking, no borders. The only borders cultures have in themselves, is the diversity that’s make them unique and self-conscious. Therefore, this project is a mix of understanding the cultural differences and ultimately, diversity; but at the same time, zoom in to the similarities or culture mix that’s created when people travel. That’s the reason we chose this subject and we hope to achieve a better understanding of cultural diversity on our intercultural journey. We met several young people from different countries and at the end came up with a visual presentation how the mixture of cultures can lead to great or even amazing things.

A basic structure is the most reliable thing you need to have a interview. The questions asked sought to achieve answers that correspond to both cultural and personal levels. The main questions included: How travelling or immigration enriched the person’s culture, and how he or she benefited from it?

Our first participant, originates from the Ukraine and thanks his travelling, he has learned about tolerance, were his experience of meeting different people helped create more acceptance. His personal benefit was quite clear, he became open minded and is therefore more open to understanding and sharing European values. This open mind has allowed him to cherish his culture and enjoy diversity with big respect for democracy.

On the other hand, the first answer was quite different in Belarus. The culture wasn’t really enriched by travelling because not many people travel there. But for her, travelling benefited her by broadening her outlook and have the safety to stepping out of her comfort zone. Moreover, the experience to see different styles of life give her new ideas to live her own life in a other manner.

The following participant from Azerbaijan pointed out, that the enrichment is namely the feeling that the world is a much bigger place than perceived at first sight, and gives benefits to sharing thoughts, making international friends and have the opportunity to create an international network with people you would never have encountered otherwise. Georgian, Romanian and Italian participants expressed that travelling helps them improve themselves by creating adaptability to new curious situations. Beyond experiencing unique traditions and cultural elements that make life worth living, they also agreed that it helped develop their understanding of their own culture and identity.

By travelling and exploring, young people are getting more understanding, and a broader view into important topics, such as the understanding of the essence cultural diversity and how it drives the evolution of culture, and open mindedness of the younger generations. An open minded attitude and the bigger acceptance for differences and tolerance is one of the results that’s a solute outcome of this process.