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In our previous post, we covered the basic system design of a proximity server like Yelp with some of its core functional and non-functional requirements, APIs, and low-level design. We also discussed the approach of using a 2D grid for dividing the entire world map into small squares.

2D Grid Approach

Considering the area of the earth is 500 Million square km, and having a fixed search radius is 10km. We will have 500M/10 = 50 Million squares with a fixed grid size of 10km.

This approach had a complex problem of managing popular places like Dam Square(Amsterdam) or Las Vegas(USA) and can furthermore cause an imbalance in the grids where some grids will be densely populated and others will be sparsely populated with places like coastal regions or islands. …

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What are Proximity Servers?

Proximity servers are applications like NearBy or Yelp which are helpful in discovering attractions like restaurants, theaters, temples, or recreational places that are adjacent to your location.

Functional Requirements

  1. Search functionality is the core of a proximity server. Users should be able to search all the proximate places within a given radius for any location (latitude and longitude).
  2. Users can add new places or edit the old ones with the basic details like images, brief description, etc.
  3. Users can give ratings(1 to 5 stars) and reviews(text and images) to places.

Non-Functional Requirements

  1. The system should be highly available with real-time search experience and minimum latency. …

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I was born on 14th August 1947 near Amritsar, India during the imperative time of highly anticipated independence of India, where some antagonists and dreadful leaders created havoc by declaring the immediate separation of India and Pakistan.

My childhood was not a cakewalk, as instead of playing and enjoying my life I had spent my childhood days by seeing families turning into refugees, people becoming bloodthirsty on religious grounds, and complete devastation of humanity because of the partition.

I grew up spending a whale of a time with our soldiers. It's always been an honor to see their allegiance and devotion for our motherland. I have observed their excitement and joyfulness after receiving letters from their loved ones. And, I have also seen the smudged ink on those letters with their pearly tears. Along with that, I am fortunate enough to observe their hidden talent. Many of them used to spread colors of joy through their art on me. I have also witnessed them reciting their heartfelt poetry imagining me as their beloved. …


Salil Arora

Full Stack Developer, Urban Company

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