Bernie Sanders Is The Biggest Loser
Oliver Chinyere

Hillary IS crooked, as is the entire Democratic party establishment. Moreso in recent years than ever before. The watershed moment was the year (don’t remember exactly but it wasn’t too long ago) when the Dems received more big corporate money than the Repubs FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIVING MEMORY.

I will NEVER vote for the likes of Hillary, no matter what the consequences. It doesn’t mean I want Trump or his likes. Rather, it means that after decades of pondering back and forth LESSER OF EVILS IS OFFICIALLY DEAD. It hasn’t worked and it will never work. If we have to survive a few years of fascism for enough people to wake up and elect someone who serves the 99% instead of the 1%, then that’s just what has to happen.

Bernie wasn’t perfect. He was way too meek in presenting his case. For example on health care, instead of harping on the fact that “every other developed country does it”, as true as that is, he should have stressed that at least 40% of our US health care dollar goes purely to corporate profits for insurance and pharma companies — the 1% again.

Whine all you want, but there are a lot of us. The democrats will never have my vote as long as they nominate scum like Clinton, Obama and Clinton II. I admit I got swept up and voted for Obama, but quickly saw what a mistake that was. If you REALLY look at his record, he was a disaster and purely served only the 1% — although we get a few urine drops from “trickle-down”.

Of course the alternatives are much worse in the short-run. But the blame rests firmly on the Democratic Party for failing to offer any real alternative.

I’m not voting until there is actually something to vote for. I am far from alone.

P.S. I know a LOT of people who voted for Hillary. Not a single one of them did so “enthusiastically”.

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