Dream: From Earth to Space

Yes! The time had come! All dressed up in red with a team of ten people, I was ready to take off. It was a journey that I had waited for long, but I never knew I would be blessed with it so soon. Having this surge of curiosity about how the outer world looked it, how the stars looked like, were they even alive or were they the dead ones we saw, how dark would the space be, how many meteors and asteroids would be flowing around, how can everything just rotate perfectly despite rocks and fragments of all sizes freely flowing, how far was the farthest planet, was it infinite, how many more universes existed or multiverses were out there, I was about to travel into space without any limitations.

As I sat on a red seat, which too was red like my dress, all the emotions started gushing in each of my blood vessels. Emotions of fear, of hope, of anxiety, of curiosity, of happiness. Too many to control! Flicking them aside, I focused on listening to the instructions as I did not want to mess my one time opportunity. We were given a circular rod over the head to hold strong to, as none of us wanted to fly off into space forever! The clock was ticking… three, two, one. Shoot! The rectangular machine took off so fast that for a couple of minutes I could not feel my voice or my heartbeat, it seemed as if the heart had shut down but I was still alive. The travel time which was supposed to be 7 years ended in 7 minutes! Time of the inner earth and time of the outer earth do not have the same definition for sure.

Something funny happened after 7 minutes. I had assumed we landed but no! We had just entered into no gravity zone and I got to know that when I started bouncing off my seat. My hold on the circular rod got stronger and stronger and my hips got stubborn and stubborn not to touch the seat. The trip was not as easy as I had imagined of course. Another 7 minutes seemed like 7 years and all my energy was being utilized in the strength that my delicate fingers were putting on the rod. Again, I couldn’t believe my fingers were so strong! The instructor kept informing us about all the details throughout and in no time we were about to land. Another surge of emotions crashed inside me, this time fear did not come out. It was only happiness and excitement. Lady Happiness Poppy was dressed up in the finest of pink, all smiling. I had always adored her teeth imagining how they can be so white. While Miss Excitement Fizzy was all in blue! Her curly brown hair was open and she was jumping up and down creating a dizzy feeling inside me, but I knew she would never sit still.

Alas! We landed and as the door of my machine opened, I saw THE most beautiful thing ever. In the deepest dark color, trillions of stars welcomed us. They shined thousand times brighter than what we had seen from our balconies in Earth all these years. They were still small in size, but the shiniest beauty ever and between them was a crescent which I recognized at once, our moon. Perfect crescent it was with borders neatly shaped. I went up to him and thanked him for protecting our Earth, for bearing so much for us. I bandaged his wounds that asteroids had caused and one was so bleeding internally on which an outer bandage could not work. I broke into tears (forgetting my tears would not settle down, they flew around everywhere) and hugged the darling moon. The time was soon over and we had to get back to head for another journey.