Charlie is one of SFT’s wheelchair babies!

Rosie was hit by a car as a tiny puppy.

Blackberry’s mom, Beth, was pregnant with him when she arrived at SFT.

How you can help Blackberry

  • Come visit Blackberry at the sanctuary. Any pets, love, and kindness given to Blackberry helps!
  • Donate to help us help him! You can support us now in 25 different currencies!
  • Volunteer with us, whether in person or from afar, to help keep Blackberry happy and healthy.
  • Show your support by liking and sharing this article via social media. The more support Blackberry and our other animals can get, the more we can help them become healthier and lead happier lives.

Beach Boy was found by one of our volunteers while she was walking on the beach.

When Thunder came into our custody, he was incredibly skinny, had been tied up with all four legs, and was beaten all over.

When Truffle was a baby boar, some children had him wrapped up in wire in the forest.

When SFT found Miracle, he was so young and tiny that his eyes were still shut. We put him with a lactating mommy-dog so he could feed naturally.

Miracle as a teeny tiny puppy at only a couple weeks old

Stripey was found on the beach by one of our volunteers limping, tired, and all alone.

When Paddy was found, his mother, Nina, was being eaten alive by a pack of dogs.

Pickle and Paddy, the donkey siblings, pictured happily together

How you can help Paddy

When Pickle’s mom was found pregnant with him, she and Pickle’s older brother, Paddy, were being attacked by a pack of dogs.

Pickle and Paddy enjoying their days together at the sanctuary

How you can help Pickle

  • Come visit Pickle at the sanctuary. …

SFT Animal Sanctuary

SFT Animal Sanctuary is a forever loving home in Tangier, Morocco.

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