Adopt From Us in Morocco!

Why adopt?

Dogs are mans best friend. Tons of cats and dogs each year are “culled” and killed many in terrible ways- such as being shot or mass poisoned, because there are too many strays in Morocco, and fear of rabies prevails. By adopting, you’re not only saving a life, but also getting a great companion.

Cats captured: Frésis and Rayitas, adopted by these two cute girls!

Why Adopt From Us?

The dogs from SFT Tangier are dogs that were rescued from the streets- they didn’t ask to be born and since the country has no history of sterilizing stray dogs, they continue to breed. Dogs who appear in shelters are often at the fault of the human- they were bought as puppies, abandoned by the humans who purchased them when they changed their minds, and then got dumped in a shelter. We as humans can do better than this- adopt, don’t stop.

Process of adopting

Step 1- Find the pawfect match. We have lots of adoptable pups/dogs at our sanctuary! Look at our list of adoptable dogs on our website and even more on our Facebook page! If you would like to inquire about a particular animal, fill out our inquiry form here. Also, feel free to come out to the sanctuary to visit the animals yourself!

Cats Captured: two sisters who were adopted by Salma

Come Visit Us!

We are open from Mondays to Saturdays 9am-5pm. If you want to visit on a Sunday, call or email us in advance!

Get In Contact With Us

Phone:+212 (0) 636–721419

Pup Pictured: Sophie was adopted in February 2018



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