Your Privilege
Kendra Ross

Societal changes never come from people who hold the power because privilege is the essence of power and tend to perpetuate itself. They come mainly from people who suffer the social injustice. Then there are also «normal» people, people able to see the injustice and willing to do something about it. Leaders are needed as well, exceptional people able to align people and make them take an action, people like Cate Blanchett who make the problem visible to everyone. But it takes time. It takes time because sexism is an educational problem, you are abosolutely right, and it is very hard even for families that educate the children under gender equality schemes but then takes them to schools which compromises with the problem or go to retailers that perpetuate the split pattern (pink for girls, blue for boys) or watch commercials exploding the sexual apeal of women. It takes time and it its hard, yes. And depends on each and every one of us, right. So let’s take action. We don’t need to wait for anybody doing it for us. Like you. Great post. Enhorabuena!