Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam

I have asked myself a question 2 years back, “Is it worth to spend time and money to take a Project Management Professional (PMP) exam?” I believed every project manager and PMP certified professional has asked themselves this question at some point in time in their career. It is important to go through the process of taking a complicated PMP examination and it requires a huge deal of preparation, significant amount of time and financial investment. However, as a project manager we know cost-benefit analysis plays a significant role in project budget management; similarly, cost you will be paying to take a PMP exam will reap long-term benefits and success in your career.

Preparation for this exam provides you an opportunity to become one of the best project managers. The knowledge you will gain during this period, it will not only help you to pass the exam but also allow you to learn new techniques and understand real-life project management situations. PMP certified managers are in the USA are paid 16 percentage more than those without certification. You will not just pass an exam by simply remembering all the information from any PMP book, however, you will take knowledge at the next level.

3 Key Reasons to take PMP Examination

• PMP is an internationally acknowledged certification

• A PMP credential allows you to gain a hike in salary

• A PMP credential expands your market reach and scope

To make things easy I have written PMP-CAPM-Exam-Quick-Reference-ebook

Note: This is not a study guide. It is a quick reference review guide.

Before using this review book make sure you have completed PMP® Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy or Head First PMP or any other study book. Before you pick up PMP / CAPM Exam Quick Reference make sure you are familiar with each term from PMBOK, Study guide. Start reading this book around 30–40 days before your exam. Make sure you read it every morning and evening once. If it is not possible to read twice; try to read at least once in a day. This book will allow you to review each critical concept and refresh your memory. This book also contains free practice test from various sites. Practicing a maximum number of questions will tune your mind to answer questions in short period and increase your stamina to sit continuously for 4 hours. In the end, you will feel confident when you will enter the exam room on the day of your exam.

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