Thinkium: Reasons to Invest in This Project

Thinkium is an all-around public blockchain network, which achieves unlimited scalability at a linear cost by running through a multi-layer multi-chain structure.

Thinkium supports early-stage small businesses to develop their own low-cost, independent single-chains, customized for their own business scenarios.


A fair community environment is established through Themis network, a management mechanism that enables votes from all users.

Themis Network, a comprehensive governance mechanism, is based on the governance mechanism involving all network users. Each user voting (referendum) has a corresponding specific “proposal”, which is a transaction to be executed. However, the execution of such a transaction is not by verifying the signature, but by the verification of the referendum result. There are several types of user participation in governance: foundations, committees, DSO, DAO, and general accounts.

The proposals are also divided into the following categories: the proposals put forward by foundations, the emergency referendum proposals jointly put forward by foundations, committees, DSO, and DAO based on combined consideration, and the public proposals won by public votes.

All users can vote “yes” or “no” during the referendum on each proposal by pledging their voting power. At the end of the referendum, the rules will determine whether the proposal is approved or not.

There can be at most one ongoing referendum at any time, except in the case of one additional emergency referendum.


Thinkium effectively balances the tradeoff between system efficiency and stability by integrating structural and non-structural P2P networks.

In Thinkium, various P2P networks are built for consensus protocols on different chains or layers, while the integration of structural and non-structural P2P networks can facilitate efficiency improvement. Structural P2P networks can be used to reduce redundancy and improve efficiency, meanwhile transmissions via non-structural P2P networks can ensure system stability.


Thinkium supports early-stage small businesses to develop their own low-cost, independent single-chains, customized for their own business scenarios.

Thinkium provides the ability to build an independent single-chain, which can help earlystage small businesses adopt the Thinkium blockchain when they want to build an application chain customized for their own scenario at the minimum cost. With the development of the independent single-chain itself, it may need to interact with more chains. To benefit from a larger ecological space, these single chains can also connect to the main chain through the full-chain mapping.


Thinkium supports subchains to develop their own coins and the corresponding independent eco-systems.

Thinkium supports the establishment of an independent industry ecology for subchains. Each subchain (and the chain tree based on it) can carry a second token besides the base token, which can be used for business applications and market circulation within the subchain system. The second token is fundamentally different from Ethereum’s ERC20. First, it is not a data record in the ERC20 contract, but is recorded in each account, which can only be controlled by the private key of the account. Second, since. Second, since Thinkium allows multiple chains with related businesses to be organized in a tree-structure, all the chains in the tree structure can inherit the settings of the second generation tokens made by the root chain. Such property allows the second generation tokens to be transferred among the chains with related businesses through cross-chain transactions, which fundamentally solves the cross-chain problem caused by the intrinsic characteristics of ERC20 contract.

5. TKM

Thinkium has a unique and well structured native token TKM which has over 10000 holders.

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Tahiru Saliu

Crypto to the world 💚💟

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